about me

I am just an enthusiast from the Netherlands about old audio devices. I am no expert in electronics or sound reproduction, I am educated in mechanicals and my daily job is quality manager at a contractor. But with the right attitude, some patience, a lot of help from other enthusiast all over the world I survived until now.

I started with this hobby in 2007 after I received a defect but beautiful Kenwood receiver from the seventies. Because I was interested, I started to investigate the problems, searched for the service manual on the internet and became a member of a forum of audio  enthusiast. With their help I managed to repair the receiver. After that I was contaminated with the old audio virus. On e-markets and flea markets I searched for other old audio devices. At the moment I own about 250 pieces of old audio devices from the period seventies and eighties.

Repairing these old audio devices gives me a lot of satisfaction. A lot of the devices I could not afford at the time they were sold. Also the design gives me often a good feeling so it is not only about the electronic engineering and sound reproduction. Sometimes it is pure nostalgia.

about this site

I started this site just as a trial. I have contacts with several other old audio lovers and wanted to share my experiences, pictures and other documents just to help others.
This site contains the restoration of my Philips PRO12 2 track reel to reel recorder.

about the mapping of this site

The mapping is just simple, klick on the button Philips PRO12  and you will find:

The story                            :tells the story how I became the owner of the device.
Overhauling report               :description including pictures of my proceedings of the restoration
Pictures                              :a lot of pictures mostly from the inside during the restoration
Documentation                    :any interesting information I found on the internet